The general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought.
The general who loses makes but few calculations beforehand.

“Vulnerability Assessments”

EncryptAsia will be performing vulnerability assessments (VA) to your systems to identify the vulnerabilities which may enable an attacker compromise your systems. This phase will not include any type exploitation to the systems.

“Network Penetration Testings”

EncryptAsia will safely try to exploit the vulnerabilities which were found on the vulnerability assessments. This may include list of exploits related to application, operating systems, configuration flaws and many other type of exploits.

“Web Application Penetration Testing”

Web Application is one of the most popular methods used by organisations to market their business. In this engagement, EncryptAsia will be looking at your web application for potential vulnerabilities, and we will guide you in remediating them.

“ISO/IEC 27001 Consultancy”

ISO/IEC 27001 is one of the popular Information Security Management System (ISMS) Standards in the world. EncryptAsia will consult your organization in getting yourself certified with the ISO/IEC 27001 Standard.

“Wireless Security Reviews”

We will assess the configuration of Wireless Access points. We will be using tools and techniques to crack the poorly configured passwords and encryption methods of the access points and guide you to protect your wireless network

“Database Security Reviews”

EncryptAsia will conduct reviews on the databases (Ex: Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, DB2, etc.) of your organization. Further, we will be guiding you to the best practices of the password management and the administration of your database.

“Firewall Reviews”

EncryptAsia will conduct review on the rule base of the Firewall. Further, we will assess the password management and administrator privilege and management practice of your company and guide you to the best practice.

“Mobile App Reviews”

EncryptAsia will be conducting reviews on Mobile Applications of your organisation such as iOS, Android and Microsoft mobile applications. We will dig deep into your application and find potential security vulnerabilities in it.

“VoIP Security Reviews”

VoIP is a technology which used by organisation to communicate among them over Internet Protocol (IP). We will be reviewing the configurations of your organisations VoIP setup and find potential vulnerabilities.

“BCP Development”

Many organisations face sudden disasters and struggle to continue the business. Pre-preparation to face a disaster may help organisations maintain continuity. EncryptAsia will guide you in preparing Business Continuity Plans.

“Incident Management”

Recurring small incidents may result in huge disasters. An organisation should handle incidents appropriately. EncryptAsia will help your organisation in handling incidents in a structured manner and protect you from disasters.

“InfoSec Awareness”

We train you and your employees with regard to information security and make you aware of the latest vulnerabilities, threats and security breaches. Further, we train you how to safeguard your systems from the hackers.